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Music for the funeral service

The professional musician duo

for the funeral service

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Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult and painful. It is all the nicer and more valuable to be able to pay one's last respects to the deceased with an individually designed funeral service and to be able to say goodbye in a solemn and dignified setting. 

The selection of suitable music enables you to make your funeral service more personal and intimate, and thus to respond more individually to the deceased and the mourners.

Our offer includes the musical accompaniment of the funeral service with two to four songs of your choice:

A first song at the beginning of the ceremony, after the church bells have ended, a second song after the CV, a third song (optional) after the sermon and a last song to conclude and leave the church. Tell us your favorite songs or let our list of suitable funeral music inspire you.

For more information and a non-binding offer, you can reach us by telephone on the number: +41793612195 or by using the contact form. Alternatively, you can write directly with us via the chat function at the bottom right.

Stücke, die gut zur Trauerfeier passen könnten:

Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, New Orleans Funeral March, Eimal sehn wir uns wieder, He's got the whole world in his hands, Over the rainbow, Tears in Heaven, Unforgettable, Moon river, I remember you, Every breath you take, His eye is on the sparrow, Oh happy day, Petit fleur, Air on a G String, Cinema Paradiso Tema d'Amore, Deborah's Theme, Candle in the wind, Greensleves, You raise me up, Fly me to the moon, Hallelujah, Imagine, My Way, Je ne regrette rien, The Climb, Ballade pour Adeline, Time to say goodbye usw.


The musicians

The brothers Romano (saxophone) and Alessandro Ricciardi (piano) have made their living from music since graduating from the Music Academy in 2008 and have many years of experience as professional musicians.

With the musical accompaniment of funeral services, they perceive the increasing demand for individual ceremonial music and thus enrich the existing offer.


It is our concern to fulfill the desire of people who cannot identify with traditional church organ music for an individual musical accompaniment to their funeral service. We are happy to take on this task with a great deal of sympathy and are always happy when we are able to give the relatives a more personal farewell party.

Audio Samples

01 Tears In HeavenTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 02:13
02 Amazing GraceTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 01:42
03 Ave Maria (Bach)Trauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 02:13
04 HallelujahTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 02:03
05 Air On A G-StringTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 01:43
06 Ave Maria (Schubert)Trauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 02:02
07 Cinema ParadisoTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 01:27
08 I remember YouTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 01:06
09 Every Breath You TakeTrauerfeier-Duo
00:00 / 01:06


On behalf of my family I would like to thank you again for the wonderful music. You all played the songs so sensitively. Our father wanted this music so much and he would have loved to listen to you... He probably couldn't have stayed seated and danced to it. I very much hope that we will have the opportunity to hear you all again on another occasion. I sincerely wish that many people can enjoy your wonderful music.

Claudia Gloor

Flowering quince tree on piano - condolence card .jpg


The Funeral Duo

Romano & AlessandroRicciardi


Thanks very much!

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